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Susan Macdonald MPT

Ergonomic Consulting Services From a Professional Physical Therapist

About Us

Bay Area Ergonomics was founded by Susan Macdonald and provides expert Ergonomic Consulting services to clients in the San Francisco Bay area, including Marin, the North Bay, the East Bay, and the South Bay (including all of Silicon Valley).

Susan Macdonald's method is to never assess a workstation alone, but to assess a client’s postural and biomechanical habits within his or her workstation, and make changes to both of these elements.

Bay Area Ergonomics is not an equipment vendor and has no external incentive to recommend equipment. Susan tries to find available equipment in the workplace to set up workstations whenever possible. When an item is not available, she has an excellent network of equipment vendors.

We welcome jobs of any size. Please call us for a complimentary telephone consultation at (415) 225-4667.

Ergonomic consulting services by a licensed Physical Therapist.
Serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000.

About Susan Macdonald, MPT

Susan Macdonald MPT, founder of Bay Area Ergonomics, is a licensed physical therapist in practice since 1998, and has been performing ergonomic assessments since 2000.

Susan has extensive experience treating a wide range of work related injuries. Her physical therapy background is a greatly added benefit to any ergonomic assessment because of her expertise in evaluating posture and body mechanics. As a physical therapist, she has an expert understanding of the causes of work related injuries, and uses this knowledge to make crucial ergonomic changes to prevent these injuries.

Susan received her Bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and her Master's degree in Physical Therapy from Temple University.