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Susan Macdonald MPT

Ergonomic Consulting Services From a Professional Physical Therapist

Our Services

We provide custom tailored ergonomic services to meet your needs whether you are an individual proprietor or a multinational corporation. We also perform laboratory and other industrial safety assessments.

Individual Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

Susan personally performs all ergonomic workstation assessments. She meets individually with each employee and discusses work tasks and work flow. She then observes the employee performing these tasks, and makes appropriate changes to the workstation using existing equipment whenever possible. If additional equipment is needed, she recommends specific vendors and items in a detailed report provided to the employer within 3 working days of the assessment. She also works with the employee to learn appropriate posture and body mechanics within each individual workstation.

Other Services We Provide

  • On-site injury prevention seminars for employees, supervisors, and ergonomic management teams

  • Remote ergonomic assessments for work and home offices (available nationwide)

  • Ergonomic equipment recommendations

  • Development of ergonomic safety programs tailored to the unique needs of your company

Ergonomic consulting services by a licensed Physical Therapist. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000.